For scoring best marks, students should give first priority to their lectures

Students –lectures relationship is very best relation. A student should keep good relation with their lectures. Keep in mind after your parent next you should give the priority to your lectures. Lectures are guiding you the way of achieving your goal. Lectures teach the good behavior and lectures make you perfect person. After your course you need to work for your society. A good student can able to become a good citizen. For become a good citizen you should have some good characters and that characters teach your teachers. Lectures are the gift of god and always keep in touch with your lectures. As a student, the academic mark is very important. The academic mark is given based on a student overall performance. The academic mark is given by your lectures, if you are not a good student and you and your lecture relationship is not good then it will affect your academic score. In the academic students are want to complete different type of tasks. Sometimes they get different tasks with same deadline and also not always get long deadlines, some cases students are want to complete different tasks within the short deadline. Here in the writing task, academic mark is given based on the quality of the content of the paper and deadline meeting. A best student always tries to impress their lectures. If you copy data from others and submit the paper then your lectures feel bad impression on you and they give very less mark for your writing task and it will affect your entire mark so, don't feels bad impression on you always try to impress your lectures and it will help you to improve your academic mark.

Lectures are have best involvement is a student's life. For scoring best mark you need lectures help and without a teacher help no one can't able to reach the real success in their life. A teacher and student relation is really a best way of achieving the goals. Teachers love their children's and they try their maximum to make good students. Teachers give good guide for their students to become a good person. A good person should have some common characters that are, a god student should respect others and they give good value to all relationship. Good students are maintaining all good relationships. In the academic all students are equally talented but all are talented students. Some students are hiding their talent; teachers give confidence to those students and give good guidelines for achieving their goals. If you respect your lectures then they give good value for your relation and it is really helpful for students to score best marks in their academic. Lectures are giving good guidelines for scoring best marks in your academic. In the academic, not only one task so that only students are feeling very stress to meet the deadline. Deadline meeting is very important in the academic. All students can't able to manage their time properly. If the students get guidelines from their lectures then definitely they can able to submit the paper within time. Any task, a guideline is need. The teachers help students to score best marks in their academic, not only best marks the lectures try to build good students.

In the case of students, lectures are have the full responsibility to care their students. The society need good students so, lectures try their maximum to build good personality in students. There are some students they not respect lectures and by doing this they can't able to score good marks in their academic. For scoring good mark, all students need teachers help. Teaches are the gift of good. A teacher and student relationship is very strong. The relationship is strong or weak is decided by the behavior of that two persons. A best teacher not shows partiality and they love all students equally. Aim of a good teacher is their student's success life. For the success life students need to achieve their goals. There are some students they have some goals but they not interested to share with others and another some students are don't know their talents and some students are hide their talents. Teachers conduct many types of tasks and find out the student's talents and interest and give confidence to those students to reach their success point. The academic mark is not only given by checking a single task, rather than that academic mark is given by all performance of a student. Without a teacher help, students can't able to score best marks. All students are can't able to score well marks in all time. Teachers find out the weak students and give extra caring for those students case and help those weak students to score best marks in their academic. All students are like to score best marks in their academic but scoring best mark is not such easy. Teachers help is very important for scoring best mark.