Intelligence cannot be measure by examination. Is it true?

Examination is one of the best methods to evaluate students’ intelligence and skills. But don’t think it is the only method to check students’ intelligence. The teachers are conducting examinations for students to analyze their academic studies and career with basis of subjects. The intelligence doesn’t depend on academic subjects, and don’t think who got very low grades on examinations are they very backward in intelligence and abilities. Academic teachers have many methods to check their students’ progress on studies. The teachers are never takes examinations as a medium for checking students’ intelligence. The students and parents must be understood what kinds of factors are depend on intelligence. We know, many parents are considering examinations as a standard for checking intelligence and they treat their children basis of examination marks or grades. This approach makes a way to face stress and psychic problems to students. We heard a lot of cases based on these problems and many students are spoiled their life and career basis of academic grades and here understand yourself what criteria are basements of intelligence. Also know about examinations and its importance.

Academic classroom is perfect place for evaluating students’ abilities and behavior, because they are spending their most of the time at classroom and their teachers are analyzing them and finding their negative and positives. Only one person can analyze these all perfectly and that is students’ class teacher. Class teacher an easily understand their feeling and taste; students are sharing their worries with class teachers. Teachers have some common methods for analyzing students and they are assigning some tasks for students. Lower primary students are doing tasks like drawing books, and painting books, etc. also teachers are conducting extracurricular activities to know their students’ interesting area. Through extracurricular activities students can find their profession. Some students are interesting in painting, drawing, and playing some other games. So we can’t assume them basis of exams. Every student can achieve good academic grades if they have a mind with hard work and mind. But the intelligent students can easily grab the points from books into their head; otherwise normal IQ students need hard work. If students did hard work on students, definitely they will get good output. So attending examination is not depending intelligence, through proper guidelines and practice you hold success in every examination.

The creativity is a part of intelligence. The students are learning the basics from schools, and they should understand no one get 100% knowledge from academic institution. The projects and seminar tasks are very challenging tasks for students and the further movement of projects and seminar based on their intelligence. When you are playing football, you have to decision very quickly and as a captain your intelligence will decide further play in grounds. These way students are showing their intelligence. The subject is very important; if you are not interested on mathematics you can’t express your intelligence movement there so it based on your taste. Academic institutions are conducting many programs to improve student’s intelligence. Also many online websites are available for students to check their IQ level. Many types of online QUIZ competitions are available at online, you can participate without any confusion. This method is very good method to check your IQ level. Also students are making different types of the equipments based on their own idea and its improving creativity and thoughts. Never blames the students or children basis of academic grades and academic grades is an entry pass for your job. All kinds of industries are waiting for high potential students and works. Also try to encourage the students to do their works and studies.