What are the factors that affect a student’s behavior?

All individual become good person based on their behavior. All are not have same behavior. Here in the case of students also behavior is very important. The first factor that affects a student behavior is their family background. A student first saw their parent and other family members. A student character is build based on their family member’s behavior. In the modern life style, most of the family members are busy with their own works and no one ready to spend their time with family. There are some families, they don’t mingle with each other and some families are going home only for sleeping. By doing this, it affects that family small child and in the future that child also do the same. Relationships are very important. The good relationships always help to meet the real success in your life. Here in the family also, the family members are don’t give the perfect respect to the relationship then that family living child is also follow the same behavior and they also not give proper respect to the relationships. Respect is the one best behavior that a best student should have. Some family teaches good behavior and that family members are also respect relationships and by doing this, automatically that family child also follow the same behavior. There are some students they don’t get proper caring from their family so that only that students behavior is become very bad and most of the students are can’t reach the real success in their life. Now in the family all members are busy. Commonly child is feeling alone in the family and here in this case they search love from others. Commonly, while not getting the proper love and caring from the family then students are attracting other peoples love. Here there is a big chance to go with bad people’s relationship. All relations are not help to reach the success point. Commonly students are attracting to the bad relation very fast. The bad relations affect a student behavior very badly. Generally if the family members are not giving proper caring and love to the child then it is affect that child behavior and also a child follow his/her family members characters, if the family members are not behave good way then the child also not behave properly and they not respect anyone so the first factors that affect a student behavior is their family.

As like family, the next factors that affect a student life are teachers and their friends. As like parents, teachers are also having full responsibilities in student’s life. Teachers teach good behavior to students. All students are not having good behavior. Some students are having good behavior but other some of them are not, student behavior before coming to the school is based on that student family background. In the academic also there is a big chance to go with bad people’s relationship. If a student trap by bad peoples relations then definitely that student behavior become change and they not respect others and they don’t care about others. A student start a bad relationship then that student doesn’t study properly and commonly they behave very badly with others. They won’t respect others. Generally the students which are start bad relationship then their behavior will change and they don’t care about others feelings and finally they become a criminal. Education is very important. In the developed world, uneducated peoples never get respect from others. The bad behavior peoples never expect respect from others and they never give respect to others. In the same way a bad behavior student behavior will change if they get good relationship. A good relation can able to change a student life good way. In the academic, students are having friends, if the friends are having good behavior then automatically the student behavior will change and that student behavior is also become good. Friends are also affecting a student behavior. In the academic have many students, not all students are having same character. Before come to the school the student character is based on their family background. After completing their course, here also their character become changed and some cases students follow best behavior as like their teachers teach. There are some students they follow the people who have bad behavior and they like those peoples friendship. Most of the students are think that teachers are scolded them is because teachers are not like that students but actually teachers love all their students equally and a good teacher never shows partiality. A teacher aim is their student successful life. Student behavior is also need for successful life. As a student, you are the future of your society and the society has some expectations. The student behavior is based on that student relationship. There are many kind of relationships are there. All relationships are not giving the proper way for your success. Some relations and situations change a student behavior. A good behavior student gets proper respect and love from others.